Corporate Training

Our corporate training model is based on our experience with enterprises and what security programs need to learn or up-level. Having extensive experience in offensive security, defensive security, and security engineering, we offer a wide range of modules so that you can customize corporate training to exactly what you need.

Helping the best security teams become even better

1 Day Modules

Starting or Up-leveling Your Bug Bounty Program

API Security Testing

Modern Vulnerability Management Using OSS

Application Threat Modeling

Starting Internal Red Team Operations

Attack Surface Discovery and External Asset Threat Modeling with Your Team

Starting Your Security Engineering and Purple Teaming Program

Starting Your Offensive Security Program

Application Analysis and Hacking

Threat Intel Exposure Discovery and Threat Modeling with Your Team

Introduction to Burp Suite

2 Day Modules

Building Custom AI Tools for Security

Social Engineering Ride-Along and Defensive Brainstorming with Your Team

Mobile Testing

Reconnaissance for Offensive Security Professionals

3 Day Modules

App Analysis and Hacking

Corporate Training Services

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