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Available Services:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Assessment
  • Mobile Assessment
  • Attack Surface Discovery
  • Red Teaming
  • Security Program Advisory 
  • CISO Advisory
A purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascotA purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascotA purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascotA purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascotA purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascotA purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascot
A purple specter also known as the Arcanum mascot

Assessment Services

Unlike many consultancies that employ a staff of security engineers, Arcanum operates differently. Our approach to information security is deeply rooted in extensive experience within the responsible disclosure and bug bounty industry.

We work with testers who are world-class security engineers, employed by leading companies around the world. Their contributions to responsible disclosure have been recognized in prestigious publications including Wired, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and more.Attracting such top-tier security talent on a salary basis is often beyond the reach of most clients. However, our engineers are continually seeking additional opportunities. Arcanum serves as a platform and framework, enabling these experts to provide consultation to you and your teams at an accessible rate.

We maintain a broad network of security engineers, ready to be mobilized for a diverse range of projects. Each project is meticulously scoped, with methodologies designed and managed by our CEO, Jason Haddix, a world-class hacker himself.Consider Arcanum as a unique agency of security engineers. Our network is cultivated through vigilant observation of the security industry's talent and referrals. Each potential collaborator is rigorously vetted by Jason to ensure deep technical understanding, maturity, and ethics. This enables us to match the perfect engineer with each client's specific needs.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are deeply rooted in a worldview created from my nearly 20 years of security work. I’ve seen it all through my time. I’ve been the hacker, the defender, and the executive. My advisory services are modern and practical, focusing on building programs and advising leaders to protect what matters most. Every business is different, but adversary motives stay very static. An advisory engagement with Arcanum is heavily focused on the most common risks organizations face today. This means bolstering application security, security engineering, and understanding what parts of corporate security matter most.

While orienting your strategies around modern risks, you’ll need to implement a framework to support your program. This can include working with stakeholders, changing culture, negotiating budgets, discussing build vs. buy, designing metrics, hiring, and scaling. Arcanum offers the only Advisory Services like this in the world.

Cybersecurity Services

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